Thursday, July 2, 2015

ANZATS 2015: A Life Worth Living

The theme, A Life Worth Living, stimulated lots of diverse reflections at this week's annual ANZATS conference. In his keynote addresses Scott Stephens addressed the complex history of the ideological intersections of political theory, communication, media, and the body. Electives provided opportunities to explore the theme from the perspectives of biblical studies, philosophy, ethics, doctrine. Below are some of the tweets which emerged during the week.  It's a pretty random collection, but it gives an insight into the various lines of discussion and debate. Most are reporting what was said either in the keynotes or the electives.

  • Scott Stephens  beginning with refs to Lord of the Rings. 'A Life Worth Living'. Tolkein as catechetist (@mlindsay_mark)
  • Devaluing of religions symbols does not build better societies, but removes quest for meaning (@edutheol)
  • 'The greatest critic of Twitter was Soren Kierkegaard' - Scott Stephens. Can't wait to unpack that one! (@mlindsay_mark)
  • Media is as susceptible to vainglory as it is resistant to criticism (@gtsystheol)
  • Moral difference between being silent, and reflecting and deliberating. Because when one speaks they become responsible.(@garagetakai)
  • Australians generally have shown a lack of interest in theology (and theological education) in their own country” Geoff Treloar (@edutheol)
  • 'What has the Trinity ever done for us?' Margaret Campbell, on Tanner, with apologies to Monty Python (@mlindsay_mark)
  • Our value systems are not static but dynamic and is intended for community - Peter Laughlin (@ChristyCapper)
  • It's the abnormal and grotesque that make other countries newsworthy. Scott Stephens  (@Centressrs)
  • The gym as sweaty Pelagianism - Theologian Sarah Coakley via Scott Stephens (@Centressrs)
  • The Levinasian face doesn't mean anything. You can't love the other unless you can smell them - Zizek quoted by Stephens
  • Athanasius: Christ comes to re-sit as the life model for the portrait of humanity. Quoted by Christy Capper (@edutheol)
  • Modern mind is made of 3 parts: pride ignorance and sloth; & joined by 1 principle: the blind acceptance of unreasoned authority (@garagetakai)
  • Lynne Taylor investigates what new Xns say about the process of becoming Xns. Welcome move to listen to their voice.(@gtsystheol)
With thanks to @mlindsay_mark,@edutheol, @garagetakai, @Centress, @ChristyCapper .

And note the final #ANZATS2015 tweet: @mlindsay_mark Introduces ANZATS2016 -- Melbourne @ @ Theme: Atonement. Start Sunday night.(@edutheol). The keynote speaker will be Serene Jones from Union Theological Seminary.

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